Local Business Generators

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Below is a list of ‘Local generators’ which are applicable for a businesses that would like to mark up their name, address, and phone number using schema.org vocabulary.


Step 1. Find your segment below (i.e. if you’re a plumber, click on “Plumber”).  Don’t see your segment?  Use the “Local Business (NAP)” – it’s applicable to all businesses.
Step 2. Fill out the information in the form then hit ‘Generate’
Step 3. Copy and paste the code in the Rich Snippet Tester (HTML Tab).  This is to make sure Search Engines can correctly parse your information.
Step 4. Paste the code on your site (i.e. Footer)


Segments A-H Segments I-P Segments Q-Z
Accountants Local Business (NAP) Real Estate Agent
Attorney Locksmith Restaurant
Auto Dealer Physician Roofer
Beauty Salon Plumber
General Contractors
House Painter

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